Too Fast

The summer is half over.


I still have SO MUCH to get done before the fall semester starts.

*Update the program’s web site

*Update syllabi

*Create an online course (I have the materials, I just need some instruction about how the new platform works.)

(No transition here)

The animals are doing great. ‘Lissa (blind kitty) is just as normal as ever. Doug (big tom kitty) loves going outside, so we let him out. He’s fairly responsible while he’s out. He doesn’t get into trouble or drive drunk. If he’d just text me about when he expects to be home, that’s be awesome. Molly is doing wonderful, but it’s been HOT here, and she does not like the heat. (It’s actually kind of funny.) So, mostly she’s a bored boarder collie.

Now to my problem child. Maxx (cockatoo) has been doing great coming to me and snuggling. BUT! Since we have remodeled the bathroom, she’s is being a pill. See, she likes to shower–LOVES it really. But, she HATES changes. So, I’ll put her on the shower rod, take my shower, offer to bring her into the shower, and she just looks at me like “Are you fucking kidding me?”

I took her in the shower with me about an hour ago; she’s still on the shower curtain rod.

AAAaaaaaand the guys just showed up to put in the custom glass on our new shower. Sadly, I had scare her to get her down.

She’s chillin’ in her cage now.


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