The Power

The power of Twitter amazes me. I tweeted on Monday (I think), that I called bullshit from Jeep because they have my Liberty since 1/31/12.

Not two hours later I was being followed on Twitter by Jeep, and I had a direct message from them. I explained what was going on and provided them some information about the dealership and service department. (This exchange went on most of the day.)

On Friday, I got a call from the Jeep dealership, they wanted to work with me on a buy back deal. We went in today and drove some ’05s and ’06s … then there was the ’08 Patriot, with fewer than 35,000 miles on her. She’s fire engine red, leather interior, sun roof, heated seats, 4-wheel drive …

So, basically, I got a Jeep that is 4 years newer than my old one, and it has fewer miles on her than my Liberty.

Oh, I noticed a crack in the windshield and mentioned to them (I thought they’d fill it or something); they are putting in a *new* windshield.

All of this started because a tweet. 🙂


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